Fireplace Chimney Sweeping / Cleaning - Costs In CalgaryYou probably already know how punishing the cold can be at any time of the year. So being prepared for those cold times and occasions is always a good thing. That includes of course doing maintenance and cleaning on all of your heat appliances and that includes the cleaning of your chimney. The chimney is not only one of the most vital parts of the heating process as a whole but also really dangerous if left without care for a long time.

The costs for such a service to be provided by experts though range from cheap to very expensive depending on the work needed on your chimney plus how big the chimney is to get to and actually be cleaned by someone.  Everyone of course loves a fire in amidst the crackling cold so it’s good to have your chimney cleaned before you actually light the fire again.

Most services will do chimney sweeps, which is something like an inspection of your chimney to see in what condition it is and to actually let you know if it really needs cleaning or not. The Canadian Fire Safety Association (CFSA) is the authority on fire, electrical and building safety and they recommend that you have your equipment and appliances checked and inspected at least annually by a professional and also cleaned as often as possible as well.

Some companies might even provide the ease of inspection through a video inspection. A video chimney inspection is basically a more advanced and detailed inspection of the household’s chimney. It is basically used to verify the condition the chimney is in and used widely by insurance adjusters, fire damage inspectors and, of course, concerned homeowners since it can remove uncertainty about anything regarding the condition of the chimney. An inspection can be done at any time but it is recommended to be done even more especially after a chimney fire or before buying or selling. At any point in time the house might have had some potential structural damage for example and you might want to have that checked in case the chimney got damaged in the process as well. A damaged chimney will always result to a disaster if left uninspected and unfixed.

The actual purpose of having your chimney cleaned though is to remove the creosote and soot deposits that will have built up during the repeated use of a house’s chimney. Those deposits are highly flammable and work towards reducing the chimney’s ability to create a proper draft when used. When you get your chimney cleaned it will help with retaining its longevity and efficiency as well as giving you the benefit of reducing your chances of having a chimney fire.

It is basically a no-brainer and any chimney-owner should have his chimney at least inspected once or twice per year to avoid any serious issues further in the future. So don’t think twice before actually contacting a professional to provide this service for you.


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